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SXS Sports quickly became the most trusted and "to run" series for side by side vehicles across all racing disciplines. While finding success with a one race event pulled together in just six weeks in 2018, 2019 brought wild success for what has been called a "power team" by industry supporters, inclusive of racers, directors and promoters unlike anyone in the SXS world.  The management team seamlessly constructed the Monster Energy, Chasing the Triple series and ran it without a hitch. Our team remained the same for 2020, rebranding the series as the Monster Energy King of the Elements Series and planned to host four races around the mid-west. The Coronavirus pandemic hit and the series with the support of partners held three fan packed and fan viewed record number of live stream-watched rounds. Plans going into 2021 are bigger than ever with local and National industry partners both returning and new to the SXS Sports brand family, backing the series. The team of Directors and volunteers remain the same,  demonstrating strength and cooperation starting within the organization, building upon what we have learned going into year three. The series will remain multi-discipline, which remains the only series Nationwide of it's kind. 

SXS Sports ventures to be the most trusted and participated-in series for side by side vehicles in all racing disciplines and racers of all ages, while emphasizing a positive attitude in safety, respect, integrity and a superb fan experience.

SXS Sports Series aspires to provide drivers of all ages and expertise a venue to display their skills in an array of disciplines. Aside from racing, SXS Sports aims to bring technical know-how and experience to young racers just beginning, those entering the sport and providing new tricks and technical tips to veteran racers. Additionally, SXS Sports strives to be a platform for partners wishing to gain access to a broad audience of impressions, event attendance and engagement to benefit their brand.

Once you've experienced the dirt in your face, fan excitement and dedicated team and fans, you'll be back again and again!


Kathy Greaves


Filling the Director of Race Operations role is Kathy Greaves, a 30-year track veteran, team owner and mastermind of organization. Kathy plays an instrumental role for our volunteers and in creating a systematized experience for racers leading up to and at the events.

Johnny Greaves


Johnny Greaves is the most highly decorated professional in short-course off-road history, earning more first place podiums and the most wins than anyone else in the industry. Year after year, achieving milestones, SXS Sports is a monumental next move for Johnny. Learn more about career highlights here.

Courtney Prost


Courtney Prost returns to SXS Sports and has an accomplished background working in minor and major league sports such as the AHL, NBA and working with clients from the NFL. In recent years she has proven her affluence of success on her continued work with Bark River International Raceway in the of road, short-course series.

CJ Greaves


CJ Greaves gives spectators a show wherever he goes. His race resume grows more impressive with every race, possessing titles such as the Lucas Oil Pro 4 and Pro Stock Class Champions, winning 12 of 13 SXS races in one season and standing on the podium 11 of 13 Pro 4 races in one season. Learn more about CJ here.


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There's nothing quite like being at the track, but if you can't make it out, catch all the action during the races right here. Or of course, watch it on repeat when you can't get enough!
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